Guide to Mixing with NicShots


How to use NicShots to blend own ready to vape liquid?

i.e : NicShot VG 18mg 10ml | TPD compliant | Registered in 10 European countries



It looks petit, but truly this is the vape reality from 20th May 2017. NicShots or precisely speaking Nicotine Base 10ml play now major part in DIY mixing process. NicShot combined with pre-mixed 0mg liquid at appropriate proportions create ready to vape, or how its called in industry now 'Shake'n'Vape' juice.

It may look simple and clear; however to many vapers jumping into DIY could be quite difficult to calculate amount of PG/VG  & concentrate / flavor needed to be used.


In light of that, we have decided to write a guide for those new to DIY and unfamiliar how to mix liquid using a NicShot.


What is a NicShot?

A Nicotine Shot is nithing but nicotine base at desired nicotine power dedicted for blending with flavouring to create e-liquid. Most NicShots come up to 18mg and 100% VG, as these are the best to mix with 50ml or 100ml 0mg liquid to get 3mg in final product.


How to calculate how much ml NicShot use?

Desired liquid nicotine power: 1.5mg | NicShot VG 18mg 10ml 

  • Liquid 30ml = 0.25 ml of NicShot (0.25ml)
  • Liquid 60ml = 0.50ml x NicShot (0.50ml)
  • Liquid 120ml = 1x NicShot (10ml)

Desired liquid nicotine power: 3mg | NicShot VG 18mg 10ml 

  • Liquid 30ml = half of NicShot (5ml)
  • Liquid 60ml = 1x NicShot (10ml)
  • Liquid 120ml = 2x NicShot (20ml)

Desired liquid nicotine power: 6mg | NicShot VG 18mg 10ml 

  • Liquid 30ml = 1x NicShot (10ml)
  • Liquid 60ml = 2x NicShot (20ml)
  • Liquid 120ml = 4x NicShot (40ml)

Desired liquid nicotine power: 9mg | NicShot VG 18mg 10ml 

  • Liquid 30ml = 2x NicShot (20ml)
  • Liquid 60ml = 3x NicShot (30ml)
  • Liquid 120ml = 6x NicShot (60ml)


You can mix your own PG/VG with examples below or buy premixed VPG Optima, VPG Pro, VPG 50|50 NicBase 0mg and only add flavour concentrate and NicShot. Both ways are easy to follow.

PG/VG: Glycol & Glycerine 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1l, 5l

VPG NicBase 0mg : VPG Premixed 0mg - 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1l, 5l


Example of using NicShot while blending 0mg liquid using Molinberry concentrate



60ml DIY E Liquid 70VG/30PG 3mg  - Molinberry Skitta (dosage 6%)

NicShot (100% VG): 10ml

Molinberry flavor: 3ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 40ml

Propylene Glycol: 7ml


30ml DIY E Liquid 70VG/30PG 6mg - Molinberry Boom (dosage 7%)

NicShot (100% VG): 10ml

Molinberry flavor: 1.4ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 12ml

Propylene Glycol: 6.6ml


120ml DIY E Liquid 80VG/20PG 1.5mg - Molinberry Winnie (dosage 6%)

NicShot (100% VG): 10ml

Molinberry flavor: 7.2ml

Propylene Glycol: 11.8ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 91ml


How about PreMix | Shake'n'Vape juices?

Shake'n'Vape liquids are ready mixed juices at 0mg, filled up in the bottle 30ml, 60ml, 120ml or other capacities, and ALWAYS have the space left in the bottle to add NicShot with nicotine. Both products combined make ready to vape e-liquid at desired nicotine strength. Many liquid producers found this solution better to reach customers & make their life easier :)


All Shake'n'Vape juices SHOP here: PreMix | Shake'n'Vape 0mg liquid

Should you have any questions & need help in mixing, get in touch : or follow our FB group for the full support: MolinShop FB Vape Group