Chemnovatic NicShots 10ml TPD ready!




Chemnovatic is European chemical company based in Poland, specializes in nicotine processing for all kind of industries, including liquid manufacturers. Sobucky Ltd Company, under is an official wholesale distributor of Chemnovatic NicBase to retail shops worldwide.


In light of Tobacco Directive implemented in Europe on 20th May 2016 Chemnovatic produced 10ml NicShots fully complied with TPD regulations.

NicShots 10ml have to land on every shop shelf by 19th May 2017, as after this date no other nicotine base capacity can be sold to private customers.


       NicShots Key Features                    

  • Safety closure cap: childproof – tamperproof                                   
  • Thin 9mm dropper for easy application                                            
  • Dropper high complies with TPD regulation                                             
  • Triangle sign on cap top  
  • Warning pictograms * Ingredients list     
  • Contradictions and precautions         
  • Laboratory test result on nicotine amount in inhaled dose                                              

 Leaflet contains full instruction of warnings, Contraindications, usage and storage, addictive properties and toxicity and contact details to manufacturer.


Available nicotine strengths:


VPG Optima 70VG/30PG: 0, 3, 6, 12, 18 mg/ml

VPG 50VG/50PG: 0, 3, 6, 12, 18 mg/ml

100% VG & PG: 18 mg/ml


How Chemnovatic 10ml NicShots should be used by individual customer?

Bases at the most desired nicotine strenghts 3 mg/ml can be mixed with any flavor, such from Molinberry concentrates line, and once steeped, create ready to vape e-liquid.

Bases at higher nicotine strenght can be easily diluted into lower nicotine power, looking at example:

E-liquid 20ml at 0 mg/ml + 10ml NicBase 10ml 9mg = E-liquid 30ml at 3mg/ml

This ready 30ml nicbase can be mixed with any flavour and create liquid.


Registration of NicShots in Europe

Sobucky Poland registered Chemnovatic NicShots in following countries in Europe which are regulated by TPD:


2. Finland

3. Germany

4. Greece

5. Italy

6. Ireland

7. Latvia * Exclusive distribution by Sia Modena. Wholesale contact: or +371 25554919

8. Lithuania

9. United Kingdom

10. Poland (pending)


If you wish to add Chemnovatic 10ml TPD NicShots to your offer and introduce in the shop, please contact our wholesale team by email: wholesale@sobucky of phone + 48 577 66 88 01 | + 44 7403783397


 Wholesale enquires: wholesale@sobucky | + 48 577 66 88 01 | + 44 7403783397