NicBase VPG Pro 3 mg/ml 100ml

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NicBase VPG Pro 3 mg/ml 100ml. Diluted pure 99,9% USP/EP nicotine with pharmaceutical propylene glycol (PG)  and pharmaceutical vegetable glycerin (VG).
- Pharmaceutical propylene glycol - 69,79% (CAS No.:57-55-6)
- Pharmaceutical vegetable glycerin - 29,91% (CAS No.:57-55-6)
- Nicotine 0,3% ~ 3mg/ml- (CAS No.: 54-11-5)

Colourless, odourless. Well balanced ingredients bring out flavour intensity, double up vaping experience and produce large vapour. The base does not contain demineralized water which reduces nicotine quality by delivering oxygen. Lack of H2O remain colour of the base, extend shelf live and intensify vapour. All the ingredients tested and certified by accredited UE laboratory. Product dedicated to e-liquids production.